The Way of the Ant by Coach Raffy Calicdan

Isa sa mga Coach ng aming community na si Raffy Calicdan ang nag share about “The Way of the Ant” or ano ba ang mga katangian ng langgam ng pwede mo makuha at i apply sa buhay mo sa trabaho man or sa business.

Ang reason kaya ko ginawa ang post na ito, because i believe na malaking bagay ang maitutulong nito sa’yo para makuha mo ang mga resulta at success sa business journey mo.

Watch the Full Video below to learn more.

Enjoy Learning and God bless!


Here’s Exactly the 6 (six) Characteristics of Ants You’ll Learn inside the Video.

Ants Plan for the Future

  • Practice delayed Self-Gratification
  • Control Your Expenses
  • Think long term not short term
  • The rich and successful people know that there is a season for everything

Ants are Self Motivated

  • They know their work is for their own Good
  • If You want to become successful & rich you no longer need someone telling you what to do
  • You will benefit in the End

Ants are Self Disciplined

Rich people and successful people have the discipline to do what most people are not willing to do.

If you are Fail to Plan… You are Planning to Fail…

  • Practice of Habit waking up early
  • The early bird catches the Worm

Ants are Focused on their Goal

The rich & successful never allowed destructions to get them of the track constructions the enemy of focus.

Ants Work very Fast

  • Develop a habit of working Fast so you can get more things done.
  • Do what you can finish what you can accomplish what you can.

Ants Work Hard

  • If you work harder than anyone else success can’t hide from you but it will find you.
  • Good things comes to those who work hard & Never Give Up!

There are no shortcut to success if you don’t work hard you’ll never get what you want.

My Last Question to you? Are you willing to become an Ants or a Grasshopper?


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