The Intermediate Guide to Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies How It Works?

Hi, In this blog post pag uusapan natin at ipapaliwag ko kung Papaano nagwowork ang Lead Generation and conversion strategies sa isang online business, affiliate business and blogging. I hope this information will help you at ma aapply mo sya ng tama sa any kind of internet business mo ngayon.

In this post bibigyan din kita ng mga effective tips and information na magagamit mo sa pag gawa ng sarili mong “LEAD Capture Machine” or ang tinatawag na Landing Page and Squeeze Page.

Let’s Turn Your Visitors Into Qualified leads

Ang unang Step sa pagbubuild ng lead capture page machine online is to create an effective lead magnet. The purpose of a lead generation magnet ay para ma attract mo ang mga visitor sa blog or website mo to opt-in or ibigay nila sa’yo ang email info nila in exchange of your free offer.

Remember: Your lead magnets must provide a lots of value to your visitors in order to build a solid relationship and trust.

Here’s are some examples of Effective and Highly Converting Lead Capture Page.

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View Demo

Lead Generation - Lots Of Regular Filipinos Are Starting To Experience Time Freedom & Financial Abundance Thanks to This

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Your “LEAD CAPTURE MACHINE” Must have this…

Lead Magnet

A piece of value that solves a specific problem in your marketplace that you give away for an exchange of contact info. Video, PDF, Audio, Webinar, Teleconference, Mindmap, Cheat Sheet, A Sample, etc,  Must be specific Speaks to desired end result, Must create positive expectancy and Creates an ‘Aha!’ moment.


The Hook

The big bold promise what your lead magnet will do for them Must be specific Must be short and to the point and Know your target market.

Call to Action

Tell them exactly what they need to do Personal belief in your product, services, offer Moral authority and Expectation.

Here’s the Detailed Example How’s Lead Generation & Conversion Strategies Really Works…

100 Visitors / on your website or blog per day

30% of 100 Visitors become your Leads

30% of 100 = 30 Leads per day

30 x 7 = 210 Leads per week

210 Leads… 3% Buy and Join 3% of 210 = 6 New Direct Partners or Customers, Sales every week.

TOTAL of … 24 New Direct Partners, Customers or Sales per month.

Helpful Tips: kung nasa affiliate marketing or online business ka all new Partners and Directs… must teach you the same strategy.

That’s It! and I Hope marami kang nakuhang helpful tips and strategies in this blog post. Kung may mga question ka about this strategies pwede ka mag iwan ng iyong message sa ibaba, and i try my best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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