Still remember this? “Nanay Tatay gusto kong tinapay. Ate Kuya gusto kong kape.

Still remember this?

“Nanay Tatay gusto kong tinapay. Ate Kuya gusto kong kape. Lahat ng gusto ko ay susundin nyo…”

That’s the generation before iPad, gadgets, candy crush, txt msg, etc.

I know it’s just a song. A simple kid’s game.

But, I’ll put deeper meaning into it.

Itong kantang ito ay kanta ng mga spoiled brats.

In our “pangong ilong” culture, it’s ok for adult children to still live in their parents’ house.

Minsan pa nga, may sarili ng pamilya pero naka-tira pa rin sa bahay ng parents nya.

We spoil our kids.

Unfortunately, there’s a drawback with this.

These Children think life is easy because…”nandyan naman si Tatay e.”

Or “Uutang na lang ako kay mommy.”

Do you get the point?

Instead of maturing early and fast these children are trying to take the easy way out.

Ang resulta?

They become irresponsible, immature, and lazy.

There has to be a clear line between “loving our kids” vs. “spoiling our kids.”

Spoiling them is like telling them “life is easy.”

Is life easy? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

We know that “Life is hard.” And preparing them in life is the best gift we can give to our Children.

Like in sports, if you train hard, the game will be easier.

And that’s what we need to do. Prepare them in life.

And that’s what many successful Chinese business people do.

Bata pa anak nila, pinagbabantay na sa tindahan.

That’s why many Chinese are good in business.

That’s why six of the top ten Billionaire in the Philippines are Chinese.

Not because they’re smarter than us.

But because they’re trained early in life.
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